SiPower - the only company in the semiconductor industry to offer power semiconductors from a fully vertically integrated manufacturing operation. Our silicon materials factory in Mongolia produces 500 ton of silicon per month. In simple terms this translates to 1 GIGAWATT per year of solar grade silicon which makes SiPower an unparalleled authority in solar semiconductors.

With more than 40 years experience in manufacturing semiconductors we have grown into a successful public company with more than .5 BILLION US$ investment producing more than 11 billion discrete power semiconductors per year.  We are already the worlds largest manufacturer of high voltage diodes and as China's largest producer of solar grade silicon it is a natural transition to offer power semiconductors that exhibit superior thermal efficiencies exceeding customer expectation and superseding industry specifications and capabilities.

The advanced 4000 square meter MOS wafer fab is certified to class 100 under-hood operations and provides the assembly plant with a comprehensive range of yielded die in glass passivated, polyimide passivated, ultra low VF Schottky, MOSFET & IGBT technologies.  All operations and factories are lead free, Halogen free, QS9000, ISO9000 and ISO14001 certified as you would expect from a leading supplier to the green energy revolution.